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Synchronized Skating with SCFSC

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About St. Cloud Figure Skating Club Synchronized Skating Teams

The goal of synchronized skating is to promote team spirit, confidence, artistry and skating skills. St. Cloud Figure Skating Club is planning for two Synchronized Skating Teams - an Advanced Team and a Beginning Team.

The teams will compete in one competition and will perform at the Annual Ice Show (March). They may also attend some exhibitions and/or perform at local hockey games.

Practices will be one time per week, likely on either Saturday or Sunday and will run from September thru March.


Leah Vaverek and Kella Mrozek - Advanced Team Coaches
Emma Backes - Beginning Team Head Coach

Expectations of Team Members:

  1. Able to work as a team member.
  2. All practices are mandatory.
  3. Able to take constructive feedback.
  4. Respect other teammates, coaches and parent volunteers.
  5. Have fun!

Requirements, Eligibility, Costs:

Advanced Team - will compete at the open Juvenile level. A skater must have passed pre-juvenile moves in the field or higher to qualify, but does not guarantee placement on the team. Based on response and interest, there may be a tryout.

Beginning Team - will compete at the synchro skills 2 level. A skater must have passed below the preliminary level to qualify, and the majority of the team needs to be under the age of 12. Based on response and interest, there may be a tryout. 

Cost - Approximately $400-425/skater for the year ($44-50 a month for 9 months).  This is based on 12 skaters per team. If we have more skaters, costs can be less per skater. Payments can be made in full or monthly over 9 months. This fee includes costs for practice and competitions and costume rental/purchase and includes costs associated with Ice Show Synchro participation and coaching fee's. There will be one fundraising requirement or the option to buy out of the fundraising ($100). Each team will be expected to have one corporate sponsor ($250) and each family will be required to volunteer 30 hours instead of the 25 hours for the year as the club is picking up some of the costs of the teams participation. Club team jackets, tights or other apparel may be ordered separately.

2021 Granite City Little Rocks

2021 Advanced Synchro Team

Interested in joining a Synchro line, contact ONE OF OUR COACHES BELOW.

Kella Mrozek Leah Vaverek

Advanced Synchronized Skating Head Coaches

Phone: 320-333-6958

Emma Backes

Beginning Synchronized Skating Team Head Coach

Phone: (320) 309-8913

Read more about the Synchro Coaches on the Coaches page here.

College of Saint Benedict Synchronized Skating

SCFSC is a proud partner with College of Saint Benedict Figure Skating. CSB holds their membership with SCFSC.

Emma Backes

Emma Backes

CSB Skating Club President

Phone: (320) 309-8913