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SCFSC is a non-profit organization and it's day to day administration is managed by a volunteer board.  The board meets the third Monday of each month typically from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the MAC Conference Room. Minutes and Agenda's from the monthly board meetings are posted below. Sensitive items are discussed among board members only. If you are interested in becoming a board member or have questions about the club, contact any of the current board members.  Board meetings are "open" to all members of the club.

Director positions are voted upon by the membership during Annual Spring Banquet and Meeting. Board positions are three-year terms. Executive positions are voted upon by the Directors at the same meeting.

SCFSC Board members are volunteers who donate many hours of time. Please keep in mind, decisions made by directors and the board are with the best interest of the club as a whole. 


2018-19 Board of Directors

Executive Board

Carol Thelen, President

Carol Thelen

President/Webmaster/Sponsorships - term expires 2019

Phone: (612) 845-2479

Beth Donnelly, Treasurer

Beth Donnelly

Treasurer - term expires 2021

Phone: (320) 249-4209

Crista Mrozek, Vice President

Crista Mrozek

Vice President/Chair GCC/Membership Coordinator - term expires 2020

Phone: (320) 333-6958

Patti Clymer, Secretary

Patti Clymer

Secretary/SafeSport Chair - term expires 2021

Phone: (320) 237-2235

Board Members Only

Annual Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclosure. Due annually on June 1.


Brenda Borash, Director

Brenda Borash

Director/SafeSport Vice Chair/Skate & Dress Swap Chair - term expires 2019

Phone: (320) 360-3741

Maria Crane, Director

Maria Crane

Director - term expires in 2021

Phone: (320) 407-2953

Dawn Drayna, Director

Dawn Drayna

Director - term expires in 2020

Phone: (952) 212-3966

Gabby Juarez, Director

Gabriela Juarez

Director/Volunteer Coordinator/Ice Show Chair - term expires 2019

Phone: (320) 492-2709

Theresa Lau, Director

Theresa Lau

Director - term expires in 2021

Phone: (320) 260-8136

Melissa Linares, Director

Melissa Linares, Director

Melissa Linares

Director/Banquet Chair/Lettering Coordinator - term expires 2020

Phone: (320) 282-5907

Kim Vaverek, Director

Kim Vaverek

Director/Ice Monitor Chair - term expires 2020

Phone: (320) 248-6692

Pro/Coach Representative

Sam (Parker) Wenker, Director

Sam (Parker) Wenker

Pro/Coach Representative

Phone: ‚Äč(320) 260-2378