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Skaters Choice Ice at the MAC

"Skaters Choice" ice is ice time offered during the breaks of Freestyle ice. Skaters Choice ice is optional and "extra" ice time available to all freestyle and LTS+ skaters.  The cost and ice time is NOT included in the X-Skate High, X-Skate Low and LTS+ registration. Skater's Choice is open to all SCFSC skaters as well as skaters from other club.  Each skater MUST have a current USFSA membership to skate.  The cost of ice is $10/session plus $1 and a 3% processing fee.

There are currently 10 sessions of Skater's Choice ice available between Aug 20-30, 2018, with most sessions 1.5 hours long. You can find a listing of Skater's Choice dates/times available on the club calendar HERE.