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SCFSC Coach Code of Conduct

SCFSC Coaching Code of Conduct
Expectations, Responsibilities, Code of Ethics
Updated May 19, 2018

Responsibilities and Expectations of SCFSC Professional CoachesAll coaches and directors, 18 and older, will be held to the responsibilities and requirements as outlined below. It is the responsibility and expectation of the coach to:

  1. Come prepared for lessons/practices.
  2. Teach each skater a proper warm-up routine they should go through before taking the ice.
  3. Help skaters set realistic goals and discuss tests and competition options with skaters to keep them on track throughout the year.
  4. Communicate effectively with both skater and parent. Give objective feedback on a regular basis.
  5. Develop skaters’ skills and enhance their knowledge of the sport.
  6. Conduct classes in a professional manner. Keep all relationships professional - skaters, parents and volunteers.
  7. Provide all students with written or verbal documentation of fee’s and expectations upon contracting services with them.
  8. Send out invoices for coaching fee’s in a timely manner.
  9. Upon notification by the club President and/or club Treasurer, coaches should not offer lessons to a skater who not in good standing with the Club.
  10. Portray a positive image of the club.
  11. Follow club rules and policies.
  12. Promote club group lessons and camps.
  13. As a club professional, ensure appropriate use of personal social media.
  14. Avoid conflicts of interest.
  15. Professionals must be committed to keeping their students at SCFSC.
  16. Support and respect other Pros and their philosophy, work and disciplinary procedures, and treat all skaters fairly.
  17. Respect the decisions made by the SCFSC Board of Directors in all interactions with skaters, parents and other Professionals.
  18. Talk to each student about proper skating procedures and behavior on the ice, following all SCFSC Ice Rules and demand proper behavior.
    1. All Pros are responsible to be observant for inappropriate skating etiquette.
    2. If inappropriate skating etiquette is observed, the Pro of the skater involved and the Pro who observed the behavior will meet off ice and all parties will address and resolve the problem. This will take place at the time of the incident.
    3. If the skaters Pro is not present, the issue will be discussed with the skater, and the skater’s Pro will be notified as soon as possible.
  19. Realize that all skaters and parents have the right to switch Pros at any time for whatever reason. Nobody, ex-Pros, current Pros, parents, or skaters have the right or authority to criticize this decision. I agree to abide by the SCFSC Protocol for Changing Coaches.

Code of Ethics

  1. Follow all Code of Ethics established by the Professional Skaters Association PSA .
  2. Be compliant with the US Figure Skating Safe Sport Handbook
  3. Abide by SCFSC, USFS rules.
  4. Do not use profane or abusive language.
  5. Be honest and open in recruitment of skaters for private lessons. Soliciting of skaters for private lessons must be done in a mature, professional and diplomatic format. It is acceptable to market oneself in a positive way but unacceptable to speak negatively about any other coach.
  6. Skater/Coach relationship is confidential. Skaters must be treated with respect and it is unacceptable to discuss skaters with other coaches, other parents, other skaters or volunteers.
  7. It is unprofessional to make any derogatory remarks regarding a skater, coach, volunteer (including board members), and/or staff member.